Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

If your property has recently experienced a major storm or if your insurance company wrongfully delays, denies, or underpays your claim, you need a Public Adjuster. The insurance company has an entire team of engineers, adjusters, and lawyers representing their interest to pay you the least amount possible.

Without a public adjuster,  your claim is being documented and estimated by someone who works for the insurance company. They may assign one or many different adjusters to your claim over the course of the process. Each one will have a different approach and level of experience and expertise. When your property receives damage, there will be hidden losses that an insurance adjuster will miss. The insurance adjuster measures the loss for the insurance company, not for you. A public adjuster will make sure that your insurance company covers every applicable damage ensuring a full recovery after your loss.

Instead of letting the insurance company minimize what they owe you, let Peril Property Adjusters MAXIMIZE your claim!

We represent commercial, industrial, residential, tourism, agriculture, medical, churches, multi-family complexes, businesses and more.


Please review our process so you understand how everything is handled and to give you the best experience and outcome possible for your property damage claim.