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Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency Residential: $22,920 to $284,067 – 1139.34% increase
Allstate Residential: $4,464 to $95,467 – 2038.35% increase
NCJUA Residential Claim: $7,256 to $141,000 -1843% increase
NCJUA Residential Claim: $61,884 to $303,606 – 390.61% increase
Traveler’s Residential Claim: $11,566 to $111,101 – 860.55% increase
USAA Residential Claim: $54,533 to $316,535 – 480.23% increase

“After struggling to work with Texas Windstorm (TWIA) for months to try to get my home damage costs paid for as a result of Hurricane Harvey, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Peril Property Adjusters. I could have never gotten through the red tape and maze of forms they wanted from me to get my claim settled. Peril Adjusters flat-out knows the ropes and are seasoned veterans when it comes to getting through the nuances of working with insurance adjusters to get your claim settled. Couldn’t be more satisfied with their expertise and expeditious handling of my case. Thanks so Much!

Mr. Gross – Homeowner

Results: Insurance Carrier offered $22,020.
After our expert representation, insurance settled for $68,881.



Liberty Mutual Commercial: $25,102 to $257,221 – 924.70% increase
Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency Commercial: $8,737 to $436,888 – 4900.43% increase
Acuity Commercial Hail Claim: $844 to $338,066 – 39915.86% increase
State Farm Commercial Claim: $314,900 to $794,033 – 152% increase
Traveler’s Commercial Claim: $26,958.16 to $204,724 – 659.41% increase
Germania Hail Claim: $25,102 to $257,221 – 924% increase

“When we had extensive storm damage at our newly constructed apartment community, Peril was very quick to respond. They were onsite immediately and did a very thorough inspection of the entire property. They prepared all of the submittal forms, negotiated with the insurance company and ensured a settlement that reimbursed all of our damage repair expenses. Their knowledge of the claims process and commitment to the client is outstanding.

Mr. Dempsey

After our expert representation insurance settled for $360,000.

Additional Testimonials


Following Hurricane Harvey, I quickly discovered what a terrible disservice the Texas Legislature had done to those of us living on and owning property along the Texas Gulf Coast with their creation of Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (T. W. I. A.). Soon into the aftermath of the storm it became obvious that T. W. I. A. was ill prepared to deal with the damage and was shockingly embarrassing with the quality of adjuster dispatched to process claims. With damages to both my home and multi-family portfolio and the lack of concern and disregard of T. W. I. A. representatives, I soon realized help was needed. Thus I began the process of contacting Public Adjusters and scheduling interviews. I was disappointed to learn that many of them were not much different than were the T. W. I. A. Adjusters. Then I met Mr. Watson and his team. I was immediately impressed with the differences I observed. My team was equally impressed, so I entered into a contract.

The struggle has been long and difficult and T. W. I. A. made no secret to the truth they had no inclination to pay claims and when they did pay, it was only a small percentage of what policy holders were due under their policies. (One local Mayor stated in a public meeting that T. W. I. A.’s intent was to limit payments to twenty cents on the dollar).

I have been both impressed and pleased at Mr. Watson’s commitment, plan of action, steadfastness, tenacity, and integrity as he has represented my interests. The battle continues as we have now moved to the umpire stage, but regarding my home claim, he has managed to help me collect some 400% over and above the amount I had been able negotiate on my own. On my multi-family portfolio, he has been successful in my paid damage claim being some twenty-five (25) times T. W. I. A.’s initial offer.

I recommend Mr. Watson, Peril Adjusters, and his associates without reservation. They are hard working, honest people of integrity working in a field where victims of losses are often abused and mistreated with little to no recourse. They help level the playing field.


Mr. Melton